Wednesday, March 16, 2016

D6 Random Encounters for the Tail Stones

The Tail Stones district is the lower class area of Salt in Wounds; still largely destroyed following the devastation of the 12th Meridian Crisis. What follows is a selection of random encounters for a party moving through this area of town.

  1. Stegen Oarlock -cleric of the god of wine- has been miraculously producing 'wine' (actually, clean water with only a hint of grape) out of thin air to freely provide for the thirsty poor who can't afford to purchase their own. He is currently being hassled by House Militiamen, who are demanding that he pay a fine for unauthorized distribution of water. Stegen however is refusing and a crowd of sympathetic rowdies is gathering.
  2. An blood-fat Ankheg has burst out of the ground and people are fleeing in terror. Depending on the party's level, a badly equipped group local shopkeepers may be engaging the creature (though they risk being overwhelmed without help from the party). Pathfinder Stats | 5e Stats 
  3. A Fifth House courtier named Haren Harenson is handing out pamphlets and answering questions about the benefits of indentured ghoulification.
  4. A market stall reads 'Regga Thistlethorn: Extermination + Security Services & Best Street Chow This Side of the Beast!' Hanging over its counters are various roast carcasses of dog sized rats, young axe-beaks, and some unidentifiable species of giant insect. The stall is manned by a cheerful, thoroughly scarred & dagger laden Halfling, currently cracking the shell of some squirming thing into a wok filled with delicious smelling stir fry. Regga is extremely knowledgeable about the various threats one can face in Salt in Wounds and is happy to chat with customers.
  5. In the center of a cheering crowd hastily placing bets, a female human apprentice God-Butcher and a male Half-Orc Marrow Miner are about the have a bare knuckled brawl. The winner (determine with a coin flip) will call out the crowd (including the party) that none is tough enough to face their fists.
  6. Outside a Process Guild render shop, a dwarf dumps a heap of rotting meat into the street which is immediately set upon by a trio of ghouls dressed in tatters. One of the ghouls breaks from its gorging to hiss and point to one of the party members before returning to glut its hunger.   
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