Tuesday, March 29, 2016

D6 Encounters for the Beast Crown Aristocratic District

The Beast Crown District is the wealthiest corner of the city in addition to being home to the aristocratic Binder-Lords, various high end vendors, and the Stage-Courts. What follows is a list of random encounters for a party traveling through this zone.

  1. A wounded man in full-plate stands over the stilled corpse of a ghoul, brandishing his glowing sword towards a cadre of 5th House Militiamen. Whether the man is a paladin who couldn't resist cutting down an 'undead monster' that was taunting him or an 'innocent' warrior who was defending himself is up to the GM (but the militia believes it to be the former).
  2. A trio of bored looking, fashionably androgynous 7th House courtiers speak clearly about their sexual appraisal of one or more of the PCs. Change to a 'who would win in a fight' style conversation if your group prefers to avoid issues of sexuality in game.
  3. A cursing half-orc commands a scantily-clad, sobbing woman to hold still while he holds an syringe full of green liquid next to her arm. He asks 'Do you want to get paid or not?' to which the woman responds, 'Yes, yes I'm sorry.' Around them are multiple figures that look like hyper-realistic statues but close inspection reveals to be paralyzed humanoids in various poses. When the half-orc (and artist named Vinkelheim) spots the party, he requests their help 'holding this damn fool model still so he can settle the pose.' If the party assists, he gives them a dose of sculptor's paralytic poison as thanks. Pathfinder use Azure Lily Pollen with Application via syringe only | 5e Use Crawler Mucus with Application via Syringe Only
  4. An elven cleric decked with gold chains stands behind a lecturn preaching that wealth is godliness. He curses at any PC carrying less than 2000 gold, blesses and refers to 'gods favored' to anyone carrying more than that. Pathfinder this blessing grants a single one time, +4 sacred bonus to any check involving the exchange of money | 5e this blessing provides a single one time use advantage on a check involving the exchange of currency.
  5. At the sentencing platform for the stage courts, a hard-eyed man gazes out at the crowd. A sign around his neck reads 'Crime - Burglary | Punishment - Vivisection.' In response to a suave auctioneer shouting from the criminal's right; various alchemists, anatomists & ghouls dressed in finery bid for his body parts with particular interest in procuring his eyes.
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