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The Church of the Monad

The Church of the Monad is one of three religions in Salt in Wounds that are largely unknown beyond its borders: the other two being worship of Macinfex - God of Butchers & The Holy Writ of Coin Everlasting.


The Church of the Monad is a religion favored by many of the intellectuals, alchemists, and monks of Salt in Wounds. While adherents can be found the world over, Salt in Wounds is most definitely the seat of its power, such as it is. Adherents to the

Monad believe in, worship, and seek to better understand & commune with the ‘one thing’ - the subtle Aether (aka the Monad) from which all phenomena is but an aspect; a stress to the aetheric field of ‘Now and Here.’

The church of Monad has never found the acceptance it preaches because of fantastical, often heretical views on the mortal and supernal realm. They are dismissed by other religions for their claims that Aether, the church’s theorized protean matter of the universe, are responsible for all creation. Their teachings are scorned by the aristocracy, believing the message of a single unifying force are a challenge to their social status. In addition, most lower class individuals feel that the Church’s interests & teachings are too academic and effete to be of much use.

To those that embrace the church, the followers of Monad find a religion that isn’t faith based, but a collection of virtues, research, and ideals. Sermons are replaced by powerful polemics. Hymns to an immortal deity give way to familial pledges to mortal companions. Though church-wide organized events and celebrations are rare, periodic congregations are held to discuss newly discovered or refuted research- as well as partake in new recreational panaceas.


The One, The Subtle Aether, The All-including
Symbol A single black dot
Alignment True Neutral

Portfolio alchemy, truth, unity, the unknown
Domains Knowledge, Community, Protection, Void
Favored Weapon Cestus

Worshippers and Clergy The Church of Monad has an ecletic member base, divided into two main branches: hagiocratic (believing Monad is a physical entity) and geniocratic (believing Monad is a physical force). From visionary researchers to the proletarian, followers of Monad come from every walk of life with a common goal of improving self and community. Alchemists, clerics, and wizards of Monad have been known to offer secular guidance to communities as magisters of science and diplomacy. Followers with a martial lean often serve as magisters of the court, but have been found in roles that range from midwife to shepherd.

Given the simplicity of Monad’s symbol, devotees have many ways of brandishing a holy symbol. Clerics receive The Black Bead, a philtrum piercing with a black stud as a holy symbol. Aetherist monks often paint or tattoo a large black dot in the center of their forehead. Those not wishing to display The One’s symbol permanently wear a ring of Monad in lieu of a traditional necklace. Members tithe or barter with their trade skills to receive the benefits of the church, from housing, healing, and access to their comprehensive library.

Temples and Shrines The All-including Temple located in Salt in Wounds is the only dedicated place of worship for Monad. Despite the name, the holy site is more akin to a university, with housing for followers and various educational classes available to the public on a sliding scale. Courses in alchemy, astrology, and Aether theory are costly but are regarded as the most advanced in the known world.

The church sponsors promising minds who could otherwise not afford their advanced teachings, requiring a demonstration of personal research in their field of expertise in a quarterly event known as The Selection.

Holy Texts Given the heavy academia lean of the church, the title of “holy text” is awarded to research and textbooks that are deemed worthy. The individual branches do not always recognize one side’s certification of scripture. With new discoveries, a thesis once deemed scripture can lose its status as research refutes its claims. This creates a competitive scholarly field the church deems necessary for steady progression. Titles of current holy texts include Continuity and Union between The Cosmos and Man, Introduction to Absolute Space, Anamnesis Vitae, and Macrocosm and Microcosm.

Dogma Beyond the furthest star, Monad resides. All interposing space, be it the distance between worlds or the soul and the body, is filled with the presence of The One Thing. Therefore, any alteration to your physical constitution can lead to an alteration of morals. Purification and corruption are equally important to challenge and enact change in institutions of a depraved society. The Subtle Aether is the universal connecting medium, making all beings your brother and sisters with Nature as your common mother. Education is a weapon used to attack the complications of classism, which disrupts the harmony of The All-including.

This post was written by Jesse Brake &  edited J.M. Perkins.

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