Thursday, March 3, 2016

Salt in Wounds Around the Web.

Hey all, I just wanted to shoot a quick ‘meta’ post about what Salt in Wounds has been doing around the web.

Financial Support

Just a reminder that I’m able to do weekly posts (and recently added guaranteed crunch posts) thanks to the financial support via Patreon. If you’re not a patron, please considering backing me (even if only for a $1 a month). And if you’re already a Patron, thank you so much.

Social Media + Feeds

Salt in Wounds has a facebook page which you should totally ‘like’ if that’s your thing.

I also have a Salt in Wounds inspiration board on Google+ where I post things that inspire my writing. I specifically wanted to differentiate the commissioned + public domain art I use here vs artwork I think is cool (and relevant to Salt in Wounds) but don’t have a license for. Also, my Google+ profile is pretty much all Salt in Wounds all the time.

Also, I prefer RSS as a my preferred way to get website updates (even though it seems to be going out of style) and you can use this link to subscribe via RSS.

If you’re a fan of Salt in Wounds, you’re welcome to friend/follow me on facebook or twitter (I mention every time I post + heavily discuss Salt in Wounds on twitter - facebook not so much).


I’ve been on a couple podcasts where I’ve discussed Salt in Wounds in particular and my writing in general.

Here’s me on Episode 26 of the Talking Tabletop on the Oneshot Network

Here’s me on Show & Tell Episode 16 of the RPG Academy

I’ve also ran (or am currently running) actual play games for the Dragon Fisters Podcast in addition to the DMs Block podcast. I’ll be sure to mention when those are live.


I'll be attending Comic-Con and Wondercon in a professional capacity, and may be organizing Salt in Wounds game around them. I'm still considering other conventions (Kingdom-Con, Gam3rcon and Salt Lake Gaming Con being strong 'maybes') but I'll announce confirmations as they come in.


If you’re a fan of Salt in Wounds, I always appreciate sharing it whenever appropriate; on forums, social media, relevant subreddits, yelling at passerbys… it’s all good.

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