Tuesday, August 15, 2017

House of the Third Meridian

Overview of the Third Meridian House

Current Binder Lord: Gerard DuFaine.

Founding Binder Lord: Roman DuFaine.
3rd House Sergeant-at-Arms: Drummond Carter
House Interests, Water, Import/Export of exotic foodstuffs; particularly fresh produce, Spice Imports & Resale

In the year before binding, Lord General Alastair Ghent marshalled and led al battalion of the Army of Thirteen that would later formed the Third House. Lord Ghent was a powerful noble and a warlord of some renown even before the Tarrasque attacked known for his a taste for exotic flavors and liquors. He kept Roman DuFaine as his private valet and personal chef, a former peasant picked up out of a seedy backwater tavern where the commoner chose his ambition over a serving girl to whom he was betrothed. Roman had always had ambition above his station, and this was not lost on Alastair. The valet was present for every meeting, in every war room, and overheard every business dealing, and the various currents of black mail that Lord Ghent ever

Friday, August 11, 2017

House of the 10th Meridian

By Jon. Pio
Every aristocrat, from the lowest pickling house sub-scion to the Prime Meridian House Stewards themselves, has at least one hazy memory from a House Impertabo soiree. Those memories are painted from a wide palette: the spreads of luxurious foods and exotic drink, the meticulously manicured gardens and arboretums, the silver platters spread not with multi-hued gems but a selection of the House's designer drugs, the loud and boisterous lesser House fuori, and the lingering presence of the silent, masked House elders watching from balconies above the ballroom floor.

From the outside, House Impertabo appears to be two houses. First, there are the fuori: the younger scions of the House known for raucous behavior, unabashed revelry, and jovial brawling. To the lay person, these are the only members of the House they see or interact with. The second house, the precisi, are the elders: enrobed, unnaturally silent, masked figures

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Salt in Wounds Kickstarter is Live!

I just wanted to thank all my readers (yes, even you) for all your kind support these last few months. September through October is going to be a whirlwind of funding, I'll see you all on the other side.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Salt in Wounds - Overview & Origin

The City of Salt in Wounds

Lawful Evil Metropolis


Corruption +7; Crime +4; Economy +15; Law -6; Lore +3; Society +8
Qualities Plagued, Notorious, Cosmopolitan, Tourist Attraction, Prosperous
Danger +15
Government Oligarchy
Population 155,000 (Incredibly diverse)

Approaching the City

Everyone knows how the City of Salt in Wounds came about. But for those who have not visited in person, it is hard to conceive of the scale of the place. It is even harder for outsiders to understand how wholly the economic engine of butchering the bound Tarrasque has transformed the society of Salt in Wounds and reshaped the surrounding landscape.

Upon approach to the city, the first thing a traveler will note is the sounds of the monster screaming. Its roar echoes

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