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Tarrasque-Fed Mutations


The essence of the Tarrasque bleeds out into Salt in Wounds and the surrounding landscape, reshaping the creatures that live there. These changes can affect both mindless beast and sentient citizen alike. Mutations are commonly gained through drinking Tarrasque blood tainted 'red water' and thus particularly common amongst the most impoverished citizens and wild creatures who do not have access to imported water.

Mutations can also be gained
via consumption of undercooked Tarrasque flesh (prudence demands that all flesh consumed in Salt in Wounds must be well-done to the point of being charred black, even if taste would prefer other, rarer cuts) or by utilizing Tarrasque derived alchemy or healing; especially the kind delivered by unskilled practitioners. But there is no universal factor towards gaining a mutation, even the scrupulously careful can sometimes find that merely living in the city will lead to startling transformations.
As expected, due to their work habits approximately 90% of the Marrow Miners are afflicted with one or more mutation. Oddly, God-Butchers almost *never* suffer mutations; the occurrences being so rare that Briddu Yittano's arm is seen as an exceptional aspect to be ogled.
For a hefty fee, the greatest alchemists in Salt in Wounds can remove mutations from the afflicted. Even rarer, are those masters who can coax a specific mutation from the flesh of a willing subject - without the risk of randomization, Tarrasque-fed mutations could turn a humble street urchin into a powerful warrior.

Alchemy, Mutations, and Magic

Standard alchemist charges for mutation related services:
  1. 500gp (wealth equivalent to owning a small apartment) to induce a truly random mutation.
  2. 2000 gp (wealth equivalent to owning a lesser magic item) to induce a mutation that is as likely to be Weal as Woe
  3. 5000 gp (wealth equivalent to owning a significant magic item) to remove a mutation.
Mutations can also be removed through certain powerful magics like the spell 'restoration.'
Powerful alchemists and especially dangerous creatures are known to be able to have several beneficial mutations at once, or mutations with double the benefit usually associated with its type. This is generally beyond access of player characters however, who can usually only have a single Weal type mutation at any time.

Weal & Woe Mutations

Tarrasque mutations are divided amongst 'Weal' (somewhat beneficial) and 'Woe' (generally detrimental) with Woe mutations being far more common. However, even beneficial 'Weal' mutations can still negatively affect a character, as individuals possessing Tarrasque-Fed mutations are generally viewed as some combination of:
  1. Low class
  2. Irrational
  3. Uncareful and/or
  4. And/or a reminder of a terrible fate that awaits so many residents of Salt in Wounds.
Mechanically, this translated into the following for every mutated character:
  • In Pathfinder, a -4 Mutation Modifier to Diplomacy and Bluff Checks
  • In 5e, a Disadvantage on Diplomacy and Bluff Checks
If a character is to undergo a random mutation, roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, they gain a 'Weal' mutation, a 3-6, a ‘Woe’ mutation. At that point, roll a d10 to determine the type of mutation.

Table - Mutations

  1. Beast’s Strength Muscles bulge all over your body, breaking through skin at places +3 Mutation Bonus to Strength | Pathfinder & 5th Edition
  2. Frightful Presence Something about the predatory curve of your smile or your smell terrifies others. +4 Mutation Bonus to Intimidation Pathfinder | Advantage on Intimidation Checks 5th Edition
  3. Enhanced Senses Your Eyes and nose change shape, gaining an inhuman quality. Gain the Scent Ability Pathfinder | Gain Blindsight 10ft 5th Edition
  4. Armored Hide Thick armor scales begin to grow over your body Pathfinder +2 to Natural Armor | Gain Resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing & Slashing Damage from nonmagical sources 5th Edition.
  5. Spell Reflection Your skin dries out, becomes reflective and interferes with spells cast upon you. Gain spell resistance equal to 5 + your character level which can be lowered for 1 round as a bonus action Pathfinder | Advantage on saving throws versus spells and other magical effects 5th Edition.
  6. Regeneration Your wounds and cuts close faster As a bonus action, you can activate Fast Healing 5 for 10 consecutive Rounds once every 24 hours Pathfinder | You can activate a regeneration to restore 5 hitpoints for 10 consecutive rounds. You must have at least 1 hp to use this feature and can only use it once per long rest 5th Edition.
  7. Claws Your fingers and elongate, thickening into useable claws. The unarmed strikes of the character deal 1d6 piercing or slashing damage and you are proficient with your unarmed strikes. Pathfinder & 5th Edition
  8. Spines Thick spines grow out of pores in your body, and -with a little practice- you are capable of firing these as an offensive weapon. 6 times a day you can fire spines as a 1d6 ranged attack, adding dexterity modifier and base attack bonus to hit. Pathfinder | 6 times a day you can fire spines as a 1d6 ranged attack, adding your competence bonus + dexterity modifier to hit, and your dex modifier to damage. 5th Edition
  9. Tail A tail which you control grows from the base of your spine. Some use this to hold torches, retrieve items, or even assist with balance. While you cannot wield weapons with your tail, you can use it to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. Pathfinder | Your tail grants you advantage on all acrobatics checks as it affords counterbalance 5th Edition
  10. Rush Your legs growing thicker, your knees change allowing to run incredible sprints. For 6 nonconsecutive rounds a day, you can -as a part of your move for 5th Edition and as a free action in Pathfinder- choose to double your move speed.


  1. Spell Failure Chance Whatever magical abilities you possessed become difficult to utilize as your mind swims with odd impulses when you attempt to use your magical abilities. Roll 1d10, on a 1 the spell fizzles; it counts as a use even as it has no effect. Pathfinder & 5th Edition.
  2. Tumor Somewhere on your body, there is a mass of flesh that keeps growing. An untreated tumor will kill a character in 2d6 weeks (average 7). ‘Treatment’ requires a DC 15 Heal check Pathfinder or a DC 15 Medicine check, +1 for every time the tumor has been previously treated. After every treatment, ‘reset’ the tumor and roll an additional 2d6 (average 7) to determine how long the tumor can go untreated before killing the character.  
  3. Extra eye You grow an additional eye; perhaps it is on your face, perhaps not. Wherever it grows, it confuses your vision. -4 to Perception Checks Pathfinder | Disadvantage on Perception Checks 5th Edition.
  4. Stupidity You have increasing difficulty putting together coherent thoughts. -3 Mutation Modifier to Intelligence 5th Edition & Pathfinder
  5. Rage You are liable to to fly into a rage over any pettiness: a spilled glass, a wound, or an insult. When dropped to below 50% of hitpoints, the character enters a rage as per the barbarian class ability with none of the bonuses and all the limitations. The character can not leave this state until healed above 50% or there are no enemies present. Alternately, if the character is already utilizing the ‘rage’ class feature when dropped below 50% hitpoints, they can choose to double the duration with all benefits/limitations at no additional cost or disadvantage. Pathfinder & 5th Edition
  6. Imprudence You have lost much of your impulse control, you have a tendancy to grab at whatever interests you. Disadvantage on Wisdom Saves 5th Edition | -2 Mutation Modifier on Will Saves Pathfinder
  7. Mute/Trouble speaking Your throat is growing thick and bestial, and are unable to shape intelligible words. Character is now mute, can only communicate verbally through grunts. Pathfinder + 5th Edition
  8. Extreme Hunger You are always hungry and must eat incessantly or grow ill. If the character has not eaten a meal within the last 2 hours, they gain the nauseated condition, if not eaten within the last 4 hours they gain the sickened condition. Pathfinder | If you have not eaten a meal within the last 2 hours, you gain disadvantage on all ability checks, if you have not eaten within 4 hours, you gain disadvantage on all ability checks & attack rolls. 5th Edition
  9. Misshapen Hands Your fat, knobby fingers, full of rapidly fused joints make it difficult for you to use their hands. Disadvantage on all Attacks that involve weapons or tools used by hand 5th Edition | -4 Mutation Modifier to Attack Rolls Pathfinder.
  10. Misshapen Body Your spine or limbs twist in ways they weren't supposed to. Your move speed goes down by 10ft Pathfinder and 5th Edition.

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