Monday, February 29, 2016

Tarrasque Flesh Golems

Tarrasque Flesh Golems are terrifying constructs utilized in and around Salt in Wounds while being virtually unknown beyond city limits. Crafted (primarily) from the freshly extracted flesh, carved bone, and neural tissue of the Tarrasque; these golems are pulsating, oozing figures which seem to pulse with life even as their creators insist that they are 'merely' constructs. As a result of the material used in their creation, these golems move faster and are stronger than those composed of other bodies. Even worse for would be

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Process Guild

The Process Guild is the institutional organization that handles liscensing and represents the interests of the various regular butchers, sorters, refiners ect who receive raw Tarrasque viscera wholesale (from the God-Butchers and Marrow Miners) and then process it into components for later commercial resale to the other dominant professional associations (the Sage's Council and Blood Merchants). The various members of the Process Guild

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Monsters for the Heartsblood Marsh

The Heartsblood Marsh is the artificial ecosystem created by the mad druid Afrindi Gunterhix to process the Tarrasque blood and other waste leaving the city of Salt in Wounds via the Red River. The following list is a selection of some creatures that can be found there.


Pathfinder Version / D&D 5e Version MM Pg 35

Heartsblood Marsh is full of savage Grippli. Most of these creatures worship the Fungal Sieve as a god and nearly all of whom are relentlessly hostile to outsiders. A large portion of

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Marrow Miners (Public Knowledge)

The Marrow Miners are the guild with the extraction contract for the 12th Meridian of the Tarrasque. Other than the God-Butchers, they are the only group with the legal authority to work directly on the Tarrasque and there is plenty of mutual antipathy between the two groups. Founded after the 12th Meridian Crisis, the Marrow Miners have distinguished themselves by taking any ‘willing to work’ and paying fair wages. Their recruitment efforts include hobgoblins, orcs, and many from the lower classes. The general goodwill this generates amongst most of the city is tempered somewhat by racial and class based antagonism towards many of the Marrow Miners.

Since their founding, the price of much Tarrasque viscera has lowered precipitously (this include reagents and rare cuts which the Marrow Miners hypothetically can't access). The Marrow Miners (in addition to their 12th House Sponsors) are widely suspected to be major players in the organized crime of Salt in Wounds, particularly in relation to smuggling. The guild however dismisses such rumors as God-Butcher lies meant to discredit the organization.

To learn more about the founder and secrets of the organization, click here.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


There are places throughout the planes where torture beyond mortal comprehension takes place. Devils & demons have their hells and stranger, more twisted creatures have odd pits where cruelties are inflicted eternally. And, there are pockets on the mortal plane where incredible evil and torment exist: the labyrinthine dungeons of a mad king perhaps, or upon the sacrificial altars of a heartless summoner. But pain on the mortal plane is always limited by the lifespan of and resiliency of the creature suffering. However, the hundreds of years of torturing the (immortal, regenerating) Tarrasque has created something new.

Something unique.

Something dangerous.

The agony of the Tarrasque has created

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