Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Process Guild

The Process Guild is the institutional organization that handles liscensing and represents the interests of the various regular butchers, sorters, refiners ect who receive raw Tarrasque viscera wholesale (from the God-Butchers and Marrow Miners) and then process it into components for later commercial resale to the other dominant professional associations (the Sage's Council and Blood Merchants). The various members of the Process Guild
are the second link in the supply chain which connects the Tarrasque to the citizens and visitors of the city of Salt in Wounds. (The general flow functions something like God-Butchers/Marrow Miners -> Process Guild -> Blood Merchants/Sage's Council -> Everyone else). Raw viscera extracted from the Tarrasque by God-Butchers is usually too large to be suitable for individual resale and/or unsorted (comprised of numerous tissue types, dog-sized 'micro-organs' which litter the Tarrasque's flesh, varying cuts of meat, neural ganglion, epidermis and so on) which by needs must be dissected into clearly labeled divisions.

The employees & owner operators of the various factories/workshops which comprise the Process Guild tend to be lower-middle class to working class. The barriers to licensing are relatively low, which encourages competition and innovation amongst guild members while also generally preventing massive fortunes from being made, puts pressure on the Process Guild members to cut corners and to potentially seek 'extra-legal' options.

Individuals who are employed under the aegis of the process guild (often under terrible working conditions) have an exceedingly high rate of mutations and other health problems (much moreso than the God-Butchers and roughly equivalent to Marrow Miners). The current head of the Process Guild -a Halfling named Rodirique Thistleheel- is engaged in a long term project to improve the safety + reduce the criminality of the guild. However, his initiatives to institute enhanced licensing & inspection requirements have been facing institutional resistance.

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