Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bakal Filligreen - Master of the Twisted Glass

Spoiler Warning: If you’re playing in one of the Salt in Wounds Tabletop Games this weekend, don’t read the following as it contains potential spoilers.

Bakal Filligreen
Race Half-Elf, Male

Age 120 Years Old

Affiliation Council of Sages


The wiry, smartly dressed half-elf peers at you from behind small glasses, the lenses seeming to gleam with opalescent light.


The son of a minor cousin of 9th House and a drunken elven berserker who’d come

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Moira Tynheart - Halfling Smuggler

Moira Tynheart

Race Halfling, Female

Age 63

Affiliation None


Moira Tynheart is an elderly Halfling, face heavily lined with age. She dresses in poor, baggy clothing that disguise her shape. Despite her many years and apparent poverty, she moves briskly and with confidence; careful observers always note that she still seems strong and vital. She is missing four fingers, a fact she generally disguises by wearing stuffed gloves. Moira can usually be found sifting the outflow of the Salzinwuun Charnel Sluice Grate, looking for odd scraps of value washed out with the rest of the slurry.


Moira Tynheart was born to a family of poor halflings, who split their

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Fortress Salzinwuun

The fortress Salzinwuun is located near the exact center of the city of Salt in Wounds. Though referred to as a fortress, this tremendous black-stone fortification is a wonder of engineering more properly considered a castle. Salzinwuun is and will –in many ways- always serve as heart of Salt in Wounds; it is the base of the God-Butchers, first processing center for Tarrasque viscera, security to prevent untoward access to the beast, and first, best line of defense should the Tarrasque ever free itself.


After the first slaying and binding of the Tarrasque, the heroes

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