Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pathfinder Fan Conversion for Weal and Woe Tarrasque-Fed Mutations

This is a conversion by Salt in Wounds fan Aeschenkarnos of the tarrasque-fed mutations for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. 

All creatures effected by Tarrasque-fed mutations gain the following qualities:
  • Gain the Magical Beast creature type
  • When subjected to detect evil, will give positive results regardless of actual alignment (detect good etc will also continue to give positive results if applicable)
  • You can understand the spoken language Aklo but cannot speak or read it unless you have spent a skill point on Linguistics to learn it


  1. Increased Strength:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Mutations, Taints, and other Pathfinder Character Options from LokiOathbreaker

I wanted to share a ton of alternate options and suggestions created by reddit user LokiOathBreaker (shared with permission, of course). These are all created with the Pathfinder Role Playing game in mind, but can pretty easily be adapted to a bunch of alternate systems.

Tarrasque Taint

This system assumes that all residents of Salt in Wounds live under the threat of potential mutation, though the rift between rich and poor is quite evident. The threat of mutation is tracked by how much 'Tarrasque taint' or simply 'taint' people carry within them.
Simply being within Salt in Wounds long enough exposes a character to the Tarrasque's essence. The water, meat, even the very air they breathe is tainted to varying degrees and as such Taint automatically increases by 1 point per week of living in Salt in Wounds. It must be mitigated or reduced if one is to avoid mutation

Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Monsters for Salt in Wounds

These are monsters likely to be encountered by adventurers in and around the City of Salt in Wounds.

This post is part of a multipart series, and you can find information about more monsters here.

5e Monster Manual pg 181 | Pathfinder Version

Numerous flocks of harpies roost in the mountains around Salt in Wounds, harassing travelers and traders. Uniquely, these harpies include a large number of witches, many of whom have forged a pact with Agony. (Agony is the largely secret, sentient embodiment of the Tarrasque's suffering which acts as patron to many of the witches of Salt in Wounds.) These harpy witches (and the flocks they lead) are used as assassins and operatives to further Agony's schemes.

5e Monster Manual pg 248 | Pathfinder Version

Before the legalization of ghouls in Salt in Wounds, hundreds of imported otyughs were used to help dispose of the masses of rotting meat. After 5th House and its sanctioned undead picked

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