Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pathfinder Fan Conversion for Weal and Woe Tarrasque-Fed Mutations

This is a conversion by Salt in Wounds fan Aeschenkarnos of the tarrasque-fed mutations for the Pathfinder Roleplaying game. 

All creatures effected by Tarrasque-fed mutations gain the following qualities:
  • Gain the Magical Beast creature type
  • When subjected to detect evil, will give positive results regardless of actual alignment (detect good etc will also continue to give positive results if applicable)
  • You can understand the spoken language Aklo but cannot speak or read it unless you have spent a skill point on Linguistics to learn it


  1. Increased Strength:
    muscles all over the effected creature's body buldge (permanent +2 mutation bonus to Strength score)
  2. Frightful presence: the mutated creature seethes with predatory intent (permanent +4 mutation bonus to Intimidate skill)
  3. Scent/Enhance Senses: the effected creature's face changes, its nostrils bulging (gain the Scent[1] extraordinary ability)
  4. Damage Resistance or Armor: scales grow to cover the effected creature's body (+2 natural armor bonus to AC)
  5. Spell Resistance: scales grow over the affected creature's body, though they are too delicate to turn aside a blade they still have their uses (+2 to Spell Resistance, or base of 12 if no SR from other sources)
  6. Regeneration: wounds and cuts close faster (gain fast healing 1 for up to ten rounds a day, the ability will activate automatically if the creature falls unconscious. Alternately, +1 to existing fast healing)
  7. Claws: fingers and nails elongating, thickening (gain the Claws[2] ability from the Sorcerer Abyssal bloodline. If you already have claws from this or another bloodline, increase your effective level by 2 for the purpose of this ability and you gain +2 uses per day.)
  8. Spines: growing out of pores in the body, these are capable of being shot out as a ranged weapon (as per the Claws ability as above except that the daily uses are missile attacks only with a range increment of 30', aimed at up to 3 targets at a time. Does not otherwise interact with Claws.)
  9. Tail: lashing, thrashing, or even controlled enough to hold a torch (You gain a tail and tail attack as per theKobold racial ability[3] , and you gain the Tail Terror feat. You can augment your tail with attachments. Your tail is prehensile as per the Tiefling[4] racial ability.)
  10. Rush: legs growing thicker, knees (and ankles) changing allowing the afflicted brief sprints (you gain the Fleet[5]and Run[6] feats; if you already had the Run feat, you gain the Fleet feat twice.)


  1. Tumor: a mass of flesh that keeps growing (-2 to Con, additional -2 per month)
  2. Extra eye: perhaps on the face, perhaps not; confusing vision and nauseating the afflicted (-4 to Diplomacy or Bluff if the eye is visible. Whenever you take damage or suffer a negative condition other than this one, roll a Will save vs DC 10 or become Nauseated[7] for 1 round.)
  3. Stupidity: the afflicted has trouble putting together coherent thoughts (-2 to Int, -2 to Wis)
  4. Rage: the afflicted is liable to fly into a rage over a pettiness, hurt a friend (Whenever you take damage or suffer a negative condition other than this one, or become angered in-character, roll a Will save vs DC 10 or become Confused[8] for 1 round. Instead of babbling you rant and yell; instead of attacking the nearest creature you attack the creature most obviously responsible for your annoyance.)
  5. Imprudence: the afflicted has little to no impulse control, grabs at what interests them (-4 to Wis, DC 10 Will save to resist moving to and grabbing a desired object on first coming within 1 round movement range of it)
  6. Mute/Trouble speaking: throat growing thick and bestial, the afflicted struggles to form words (Speaking is a move action for the character. Casting a spell with a Verbal component is a full-round action for the character.)
  7. Extreme Hunger: the afflicted is always hungry, must eat incessantly or grow ill (Sickened unless they have eaten a day's ration in the last four hours; if they go 12 hours without food, Nauseated until they eat at least three days' rations.)
  8. Misshapen Hands: fat, knobby fingers, fused joints make it difficult for the afflicted to use their hands (-2 to Dex, additional -4 to Dex-based skills)
  9. Misshapen Body: the spine, the limbs twist in ways they weren't supposed to (-4 to Reflex saves, -10' to movement rate)
  10. Spell Failure Chance: whatever magical abilities the afflicted possessed become difficult to utilize (+25% spell failure on arcane or divine spells)

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