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More Monsters for Salt in Wounds

These are monsters likely to be encountered by adventurers in and around the City of Salt in Wounds.

This post is part of a multipart series, and you can find information about more monsters here.

5e Monster Manual pg 181 | Pathfinder Version

Numerous flocks of harpies roost in the mountains around Salt in Wounds, harassing travelers and traders. Uniquely, these harpies include a large number of witches, many of whom have forged a pact with Agony. (Agony is the largely secret, sentient embodiment of the Tarrasque's suffering which acts as patron to many of the witches of Salt in Wounds.) These harpy witches (and the flocks they lead) are used as assassins and operatives to further Agony's schemes.

5e Monster Manual pg 248 | Pathfinder Version

Before the legalization of ghouls in Salt in Wounds, hundreds of imported otyughs were used to help dispose of the masses of rotting meat. After 5th House and its sanctioned undead picked
up the contract for waste disposal, the otyughs -many mutated and made more terrible by their constant diet of Tarrasque flesh- were slated to be executed. The unexpectedly intelligent creatures, led by their emergent sorcerer/blood-shaman leader, were able to anticipate this crisis and stage a mass escape whereupon they fled to the sewers, under-tunnels, and blood choked swamps in and around Salt in Wounds.


5e Monster Manual pg 239 | Pathfinder Version

While not historically present to the area, shortly after its founding the city of Salt in Wounds and surrounding lands have become populated with numerous Oni of various types. Some haunt the wilderness and slums, preying on the weak. Some operate in secret, disguising their true nature in service of larger plans. And some few operate openly in the city, accepted as citizens that can keep a bargain, hiring out their labor or selling magic.
The spirits' origins are unknown to most, but are in factdue to the schemes of Gurilda; a now deceased oni prince who travelled the world disguised as a merchant. When Gurilda happened upon Salt in Wounds a century after its founding, he decided that -due to the multiplicity of its sins- Salt in Wounds would be a perfect place for formless, wandering Oni spirits to physically embody. Aiming to become king of such beings, Gurilda performed an intricate ritual to create a magical anchor to attract and bind other Oni. His personal plans for glory were foiled when he was slain by a group of adventurers, but his magic (as well as well as the inherent the evil of the city) has nonetheless led to the incredible numbers of Oni (bound to no master) to incarnate in Salt in Wounds. It is suggested that if Gurilda's essence could ever be reconstituted into physical form, all the Oni would be compelled to follow his commands; or the commands of the one who controlled Gurilda.

5e Monster Manual pg 284 | Pathfinder Version

Millions of stirges feed upon the bound Tarrasque. Even with dedicated eradication efforts swarms of these creatures represent a serious hazard in Salt in Wounds. Most of the time, they are content to grow fat and bloated drinking the tremendous beast's blood, but sometimes multiple swarms are disturbed and take flight, darkening the sky in their incredible, locust-like numbers. During these so called 'black-sun days' residents bar their doors and windows against the stirges until they can burned out of the air in mass; the unlucky or unwary individuals that are caught outdoors are often discovered later as nothing more than desiccated husks.

5e Monster Manual pg 317 | Pathfinder Version

These dangerous, large birds are native to the steppes around Salt in Wounds and work as the primary beast of burden/mount for the city; meat being cheaper than the feed required for horses. Feral (and aggressive) axe-beaks can still be found in the surrounding area, and occasionally even domesticated axe-beaks can present a hazard to individuals inside the city walls.

5e Monster Manual pg 306 | Pathfinder Version

These primates reside in the nearby mountains though they have recently been spreading down into the lowlands; finding good hunting in the sanguine, fecund, and flesh choked environs around Salt in Wounds. Those that no longer live amidst the snow continually rub their fur in the viscera of their kills, to better blend in with the red tinted landscape. Such creatures are generally referred to as blood yetis.

This post is part of a multipart series, and you can find information about more monsters here.

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