Friday, September 4, 2015

5th Meridian Binder-Lady Keolemita & her Consort Merrin Chyn

Kuolemita is a tall, middle aged, female human with onyx black skin. Whenever seen, the powerful aristocrat is dressed in incredible finery; always well-tailored and at the height of fashionability. As Binder-Lady & command word possessor of 5th House, Kuolemita is extremely politically powerful, with the influence and fortunes of her house only growing since the influx of numerous undead into the ranks of 5th. Kuolemita is viewed as being extremely shrewd, unfailingly polite, 'fair' enough although with a ruthlessness to be expected as one of Salt in Wound's oligarchs. However, most can only scratch their heads at her choice of husband.
Merrin Chyn is the non-aristocratic consort of Kuolemita. He is a male human of middling height with gray hair and tan skin. He can usually be found in soiled, ill-fitting clothing wherever drink is to be served, and whether he imbibes to excess in the seediest establishments amidst of Tail Stones or at lordly functions seems to make no difference to the man. Unlike Kuolemita, Merrin is viewed by the town as a drunken fool, infamous for his philandering ways.


Kuolemita & Merrin are both deeply in love, completely loyal & honest with one another (if no one else), and non-monogamous by prior agreement. They have elected to have Merrin assume the role of drunken fool and Kuolemita that of the role of long suffering wife in order to 'play both sides,' imply a division & weakness where none exists, and otherwise create maneuverability to advance their political aims. They both often weave elaborate (and utterly false) tales about their own mistreatment by their spouse, sometimes hinting that they intend to leave the marriage. This is usually done with the intent to entrap the unwary, greedy, and romantic in their schemes.
Besides continuing to grow the influence and wealth of 5th House, Kuolemita & Merrin are most interested in securing their own power beyond any contest. Hence, one of their primary goals is to eliminate Dofen: who is the former 5th House Binder-Lord, Kuolemita's grandfather, and powerful wizard currently dead/in hibernation as he transforms himself into a lich.

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