Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Tail Stones District

Formerly referred to as the Hind Quarter, the Tail Stones District is the area north east of the fortress Salzinwuun, the central core of Salt in Wounds. The Hind Quarter was massively damaged during the 12th Meridian Crisis with thousands killed and many more wounded. The underfunded repair efforts for the homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure in this area is still underway (where it has not been completely abandoned).

By far the poorest district of the city, the Tail Stones is
only marginally patrolled by the House Militias, with control largely ceded to half a dozen gangs which pay dues to the Binder-Lords and their militia captains.

While the still evident destruction, criminal control, and rampant poverty here keep many with alternatives living elsewhere; the Tail Stones is still a bustling hub of cottage industry. Proprietors of these businesses often favor these streets -mean though the may be- for the relative inexpense of setting up shop here; or alternately the lax enforcement, favored by those who find paying a gang protection fee is simpler than paying one of the roaming tax and trade enforcers that are all too common in the rest of the city.

At night, the district fills with the smells of cooking from hundreds of homes and street stalls from dozens of immigrant ethnic groups. It is said that for those who know their way around can find better food in the Tail Stones than even the best posh & polished eateries of Beast Crown.
Notable Locations in the Tail Stones
  • The Guild Hall of the Marrow Miners - This large building is the grandest structure in the Tail Stones. Built several years ago, the hall is seen as a symbol of hope for all residents of the Tail Stones.
  • Gladiatorial Arena - Largely untouched by the 12th Meridian Crisis, this is the most popular entertainment destination in the city, regularly attracting visitors from all walks of life.
Notable Residents
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