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The Throat

The Throat is the name for the (mainly commercial) district extending roughly from the outer portcullis of the fortress Salzinwuun to the main gate of Salt in Wounds proper; then spilling out further into the area outside the city in a tangle of merchant stalls, caravans, and brightly colored tents.

The Throat can further be divided into three main sections:

  • High Throat - The first segment is High Throat which is located directly outside Salzinwuun; this is where the freshest cuts of meat are supposed to be had. High Throat also serves as home to a number of mid-list merchants.

  • Core Throat - Core Throat is where numerous high end merchants resides, jewelers, slavers and a scattering of alchemists & wizards (though many of these can be found in Sage’s Row or clustered around 5th House’s Manor Tower). This section is sandwiched west of High Throat towards the front gate but spreads out further into the city as many of these vendors prefer not to conduct business along the main thoroughfare of the city.

  • Low Throat- Finally Low Throat is the area around (and directly outside) the front gates. This more chaotic section houses sellers of everything else, and a little of everything.
Merchants are further organized into clusters; multiple blacksmiths opting to work near to one another, or multiple bakers, or coopers. Hence, while giving directions, a citizen might describe their second floor apartment as ‘Brown Building, Confectioner’s Row, Core Throat.’

Supposedly, the name for this section of the city comes from a joke told by one of the first dozen merchants to encamp around Salzinwuun. Between the intermittent roars of the Tarrasque, the constant sounds of work, and the barking of other sellers; the merchant quipped that ‘Success here has less to due with business acumen, and more to do with the strength of one’s throat.’

Notable Locations

  • Twin Spikes Tavern

Notable Residents

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