Wednesday, February 3, 2016


There are places throughout the planes where torture beyond mortal comprehension takes place. Devils & demons have their hells and stranger, more twisted creatures have odd pits where cruelties are inflicted eternally. And, there are pockets on the mortal plane where incredible evil and torment exist: the labyrinthine dungeons of a mad king perhaps, or upon the sacrificial altars of a heartless summoner. But pain on the mortal plane is always limited by the lifespan of and resiliency of the creature suffering. However, the hundreds of years of torturing the (immortal, regenerating) Tarrasque has created something new.

Something unique.

Something dangerous.

The agony of the Tarrasque has created

Tuska is the sentient, disembodied, psychic distillation of the Tarrasque’s pain. When Tuska first achieved consciousness, they were barely stronger than a half-formed mortal ghost; able -with great effort- to move small objects or whisper suggestions. In the decades since, as the Tarrasque’s agonies have ever increased Tuska's power until the being has grown in stature until they are akin a demigod, able to grant powers to witches and warlocks who claim them as patron.

It is important to note that Tuska is not the Tarrasque: Tuska is a new spiritual being that uses the Tarrasque as a food source. But while the city at large may feast upon the Tarrasque’s flesh, Tuska (and -to a lesser degree- their servants) feed upon the Tarrasque’s agony.

Tuska is served as a patron by a tribe of harpies and a dozen or so witches & warlocks in the city of Salt in Wounds. Through skillful political manipulation, assassination, and magical rites performed with the assistance of their subservient witches, Tuska has blocked or thwarted any change in procedure that would lessen the Tarrasque’s pain (and the Tarrasque harvest of today is more excruciating for the creature than it’s ever been).

At present time, Tuska is drawing together the final elements for a decades old plan to ascend to true godhood; a deification that will first require the Tarrasque to briefly be freed so it can experience its own bestial equivalent to hope and freedom before Tuska cinches tight the final, eternal celise that will extend its agonies into time without end.

Tuska’s notable allies include the Coven of Three, comprised of the powerful witches Fina, Funa, and Fex (in addition to their thralls, mercenaries, and other supplicants). 

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