Wednesday, March 23, 2016

D6 Encounters for The Throat Merchant District

The Throat is the commercial district comprised of everything from bazaar-like clusters of brightly colored tents, to raised auction blocks, to looming guild halls built of polished Tarrasque bone. The following is a selection of random encounters for a party travelling through this zone.

  1. The party is confused for a group of exotic slaves (with one of the PCs assumed to be the owner) but Quine Calafax, a foppish gnome slave monger. Quine makes ludicrous offers to buy the individual party members & if told one is not a slave, he simply moves onto bargaining over one of the others. He mentions that due to the PC race/distinguishing feature that they would 'complete his collection.'
  2. An overladen hand cart has tipped over, and casks filled with water have spilled out into the street. Various people are darting in and out, absconding with the barrels while a woman bellows for help to 'stop the thieves.'
  3. On a roll of 3, Roll again. While otherwise engaged (with the results of the second roll), the party is attempted to be pickpocketed. Use the burglar stats for Pathfinder for the pickpocket | 5e use Spy Stats.
  4. One of the party is mistaken for 'Brown Sutto' by a gang of 4 thugs, who insist that they 'pay their debt' (500gp) before 'something bad happens.' They will back down if the party calls for authorities, but will follow them in the days to come (looking for an opportunity to strike when the party is either isolated or vulnerable). Use 4 thugs Pathfinder Stats | 5e Stats
  5. Recognizing the party as adventurers (or having heard of their exploits) a grippli bard named Xuzay offers to spend a week comprising an epic poem praising the party (for the nominal fee of 100gp). If they turn her down, she instead immediately produces a dirty sing-song limerick mocking one or more of the party members, which the party will hear randomly for months to come. See this list for inspiration - find a good spot to replace 'once was a _' with one of the PC's names/class/descriptions.  
  6. An axebeak has bucked its rider and is viciously attacking the man, perhaps mortally tearing at him with its wicked beak. A crowd has gathered to laugh at the proceedings. Pathfinder stats for Axebeak5e Stats for Axebeak

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