Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Monster: Testing Apparatus (Construct)

This small, hand-sized construct is an odd assortment of brass clockwork, bone, and sinew. Usually constructed by an alchemist looking to help discover medical data, these devices have six copper legs that end in hooked talons with a mosquito like 'face' that is a thick syringe. Small clear vials of brightly colored, viscous liquid cover its back.
When encountered, the testing apparatus rushes the least armored target and attempts to scurry up their body. If set to 'experiment' mode, they latch onto an arm or leg; inject a poison, induce a mutation, or even give alchemical aid (depending on their programming). The type of experiment can be determined at random or at GM discretion. If set to 'defend' mode, the testing apparatus will scurry up to the base of the target's skull where they inject a powerful cocktail of drug which induces the creature to attempt to kill every living creature in sight (equivalent to the appropriate 'dominate' spell).
A Testing Apparatus can be targeted by attacks or spells while latched onto a body although with a 50% chance that any such action will instead hit their host body. When destroyed, a testing apparatus dissolves into a cloud of noxious fumes that burns like acid and has a chance to sicken anyone who inhales these foul vapors. This miasma lingers for one minute. 

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