Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Salt in Wounds Calendar

Salt in Wounds uses a simplified calendar based on seasons rather than month. The annual tracking of the calendar begins with the binding of the Tarrasque, hence the current year is 213 AB (After Binding). While the nature of the city’s unique weather removes most of the markers of traditional seasons the citizenry still count by them. Each season is broken up into 12 seven day weeks for a total of 84 days per season. A date might
read ’74 AB – Summer – 37’ for the 37th day of summer, 74 years after the binding of the Tarrasque. One quirk of this calendar is that, since a year on Synoma is 337 days long, a single ‘gone day’ separates one year from the next which is celebrated between last year’s winter and the next year’s spring. To learn moreabout ‘Gone Day’ and the other festivals of Salt in Wounds, click here.

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