Wednesday, April 13, 2016

D6 Encounters for Sage's Row - Alchemist/Wizard District

Sage’s Row is the district of Salt in Wounds dominated by wizards, alchemists, and others of an intellectual bend. Magical mishaps are commonplace here.

  1. The party encounters a half-elven street peddler named
    Tianti Tani who offers a variety of odd looking, jury-rigged magical items of dubious utility. You can find inspiration here.
  2. A Tarrasque Flesh Golem has gone berserk and is attacking at random. Depending on party level, a low powered wizard is already engaging the construct with hastily summoned monsters and aiding magic (though he will probably lose without the party’s intercession).
  3. A stooped man heavily laden with magical supplies trudges down the street as a cherubim hovers above him raining down curses and the occasional blow. Any attempt to speak to the man or the apparent angel causes the cherubim to respond ‘pike off, mind your own thrice-damned business.’ You can read more about the pair here.
  4. A street cryer calls out, ‘Anyone looking for work? Anyone looking for work?’ If queried, she reveals her employers are looking for anyone interested in being the subject of (perfectly safe!) medical experimentation. The deal is, if any PC is willing to wear an Alchemist Testing Apparatus (set to 'experiment' mode) for a month they will be paid 2000 gold pieces.
  5. An alchemist’s shop has a series of exhaust pipes emanating puffs of odd colored smoke. A giggling trio of teens inhale some of the vapors and if the party shows any interest the teens invite them over in order to partake. Upon inhalation, there is a 50% chance that the PC will be sickened for 24 hours. There is a 50% chance that the vapors will produce an intense euphoria and vivid hallucinations that amidst nonsensical imagery contain portentous truths about the party’s upcoming adventures. Up to three ‘turns with the vapors can be taken before the shopkeeper comes out to chase away the assembled by threatening to summon the militia.
  6. A small procession of individuals move past a shrine to Macinfex: God of Butchers. Each genuflect with a bow and a pantomime of sharpening knives before taking a small piece of raw meat (held in a bowl in the statue’s hands) into their mouths. Any PC who imitates gains a blessing on a single attack or ability check made in the next 24 hours. +4 in Pathfinder, Advantage in 5e. This blessing must be selected for use before dice are rolled.

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