Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Festivals of Salt in Wounds

The City of Salt in Wounds features hundreds of celebrations, block parties, and feast days ranging from local neighborhood affairs to events put on by obscure religious sects to bacchanalias that surge through the municipality sweeping up young and old alike. What follows are three of the largest and most significant festivals of the city.

Binder’s Glory Celebrated 10-13 Days into Fall Held to commemorate the binding of the Tarrasque, the festival of Binder’s Glory is the largest celebration in the city. Almost all laborers will take up to three days off of work to drink, dress in garish costumes, and revel. Binder’s Glory draws wealthy visitors from hundreds of miles away and features a large parade reenacts the now near mythical binding of the Tarrasque.

Gone Day Celebrated on ‘Gone Day’ Between Winter and Spring, Gone Day is traditionally light hearted affair in the usually dour Salt in Wounds. Numerous minor laws (anti-defamation statutes trade restrictions, and so on) are temporarily rescinded as citizens are encouraged to act out of character. Gone Day is also a popular time to make overtures of romance, friendship, business, of any other category of offer where one might fear rejection. If such offers are accepted, much the better. If such advances are unwelcome/rebuffed, it is customary for all parties to act as though nothing ever happened as the ‘incident’ happened during a day that ‘doesn’t actually exist.’

Unity Day Celebrated in the middle of Winter, the Church of Monad convinced the city fathers decades ago to set aside a single day to officially honor learning, quiet contemplation, and ‘the unifying principle(s) that connect all things.’ However, what was intended to be a somber day of reflection has largely morphed into a cross between a tradeshow and a session of onesupmanship between the city’s many alchemist who wished to demonstrate their learning. Unity Day also tends to attract visitors from the all over Synoma over who travel to see what the famous Salt in Wounds Alchemists have come up with. At midnight, the city unleashes a stream of fireworks that rivals any display found anywhere in the world.

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