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What follows is a list of the major factions operating within the city in addition to some 'common' knowledge about each:

Binder-Lords Hereditary oligarchs of Salt in Wounds, control the city and engage in endless scheming against one another. Each house was founded by one of the heroes who bound the Tarrasque, with the mantle of leadership of the house being 'possession' of the magical command word to release the associated harpoon.

House Militias The combined army/police force of Salt in Wounds, controlled by the Binder-Lords.

The Guild of Blood Merchants Merchants in charge of selling Tarrasque cuttings, more than anything insist that the flow of viscera continues and (preferably) grows.

God-Butchers Knightly order that takes their mission of maintaining the Tarrasque's imprisonment seriously, while sometimes motivated by money they still are (mostly) dedicated and exceedingly competent.

Marrow Miners New guild founded by a former God-Butcher, utilizing experimental techniques to extract more viscera and increase efficiency. The Marrow Miners are open to employing ‘monstrous races’ like goblins, orcs, and mites. Perhaps surprisingly, the Marrow Miners have a better idea of the Tarrasque's current vs the more ritualistic and less analytic God-Butchers.

Process Guild Association of factories that render extracted Tarrasque viscera into commercial products.

The Church of Macinfex The largest religious institution in Salt in Wounds, worshipping the God of Butchers and heavily involved in proper weights & measures in addition food safety.

The Council of Sages Loose, professional association of wizards and alchemists working within Salt in Wounds.

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