Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Note: These pieces of information are generally unknown to Player Characters and the population of Salt in Wounds at large.

  • The Tarrasque, since its imprisonment, has only been growing larger and stronger. The Binder-Lords and Blood Merchants see this as a positive development allowing them to increase their harvest, but keep word of this suppressed lest it panic the populace.
  • Eating a diet too high in Tarrasque meat, drinking ‘red water’ (water tainted by the Tarrasque’s viscera), and other utilizations of Tarrasque harvest leads to side effects: some slow, some fast, some beneficial, and some not. This is general knowledge, though not commonly discussed. The ancient alchemist Zandon Ras is employed in a long term project of experimentation to understand all the permutations of effects, supported secretly by one of the Binder-Lords who hopes to raise a red water empowered army and expand their influence outwards.
  • Salt in Wounds is riddled with underground tunnels (the so called Cap-Caps); some for the smuggling of byproducts outside the city’s rigid tax and legal structure, some built or expanded as part of a former (thwarted) plot to free the beast.
  • Tarrasque ambergris is one of the most valuable substance known to man, virtually unknown but used by the wealthiest as an aphrodisiac and sexual attractant.
  • The Three Sisters are the most powerful secret faction within the city. This coven is led by three 'sister' witches, Frin, Fuzez, & Fabier, empowered by their patron Tuska: the sentient embodiment of the bound Tarrasque’s rage & pain. Fixated on ensuring that the Tarrasque remains chained and that its suffering increases as every agony suffered empowers their patron and pushes him a little closer to his goal of true deification.
  • The Circle of Release -thought by some to be eliminated- is within a stone's throw of their goal of releasing the Tarrasque.

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