Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sage's Row

Sage's Row is a series of interlocking streets famed for its preponderance of alchemists as well as other researchers of the arcane and mundane alike. By city edict, every other building sports tall smoke stacks - venting clouds of colored fog and ash of variable toxicity. Most times, a breeze takes the offending miasma and disperses it harmlessly... though if the skies are still the offending air will settle onto the avenues. Residents get a sense of what color\kinds of smoke should be avoided (instincts that are usually cross referenced to the active times of the alchemists with reputations for producing the most caustic substances).
Alchemical innovations pioneered in Sage's Row are exported the world over. Inhabitants are notoriously absentminded to the point that it's joked that the average sage roader wouldn't notice that the Tarrasque had escaped and leveled half the city till a week later when they failed to receive one of their regularly scheduled deliveries.

Notable Locations:

Testing Field After a number of 'incidents' that resulted in property damage & death, a barren field was left open for alchemists and other inventors to test new devices, magics, and even mutagenic effects. This testing area is surrounded by high fences and eagerly watched over by 5th House Militia and curious gawkers alike. At least once a day, something brought here explodes, transforms into rampaging  a monster though the genius of the Testing Field is that the problem can easily be contained (with perhaps only the creator slain by his hubris instead of injuring valuable buildings.

Seconds and Bits At the boundary between Sage's Row & the Tail Stones, Seconds and Bits is a sprawling emporium that sells junk, castoffs, and the reclaimed 'treasures' of laboratories that burst into flame. A little of everything can be found here at a great price... though no warranties are offered & all is expected to work not quite as advertised.

Xostic School of Wizardry

Academy of the Church of Mondad

Notable Residents

Bakal Fillagreen


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