Wednesday, August 31, 2016

11 Crimes and their Punishments

The city of Salt in Wounds tends to have extremely harsh penalties for infractions (although imprisonment or hard labor are almost never used). The most common punishments are fines (even for serious crimes for those who can afford it) followed by flogging,
branding, _ points of maiming, execution and truncation.

Points of maiming follow a regular (cumulative) order and thus the relative disfigurement of an individual often provides information about the severity of their crimes. This maiming is in order: the extraction of an eye, the loss of five toes (across both feet), the loss of five fingers (across both hands), the loss of a hand, the loss of an arm, the loss of a foot, the loss of a leg. This order was selected as it was deemed to give the guilty the best chance to continue contributing economically. If a criminal ever reaches eight points of maiming, they are given the choice between truncation (amputation of both legs, both arms, tongue, and gouging of both eyes) and execution. Parts taken by these punishments are usually actioned to alchemist constructing flesh (or tarrasque flesh) golems. Adventurers, veterans, and even laborers who have lost limbs are usually assumed to be former or current criminals.

Smuggling Fines up to Five Times Value, Branding and/or up to 3 Points Maiming
Conspiring to End the Tarrasque's Binding Truncation or Execution
Theft 1 point maiming
Runaway Slave Branding, Flogging, and 1 Point Maiming
Murder Execution
Magical Creation or Unauthorized Import of Water Fines up to Double the Water's Value and up to 3 Points Maiming
Assault Branding and up to 2 Points Maiming
Propagandizing Special Case: 'propagandizing' is any speech deemed to 'threaten the economic, social, or cultural well-being of the city' and is a charge which can only be brought by a Binder-Lord. After conviction, the accusing Binder-Lord determines punishment which can range from a single copper fine to truncation, depending on recommendation of the Binder-Lord.
Unlicensed Ghoulification Destruction of Ghoul and 1 Point Maiming for the Practioner (if applicable)
Use of a Command Word by any Non Binder-Lord Truncation
Use of Magic of Alchemy to Remedy Court Ordered Maiming Maiming Equal to what was healed/was proposed to be healed.

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