Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Colors, Symbols & Iconography of Salt in Wounds

As a polyglot metropolis, Salt in Wounds is awash with color, symbols, and imagery imported from dozens of ethnicities and cultures. However, certain motifs carry over into the sigils, seals, and other identifying marks of the aristocratic houses, merchant guilds, and those belonging to high profile individuals.
Of course, imagery featuring the Tarrasque (usually heavily stylized) reigns supreme, and such designs often place special emphasis on the creature’s jaws. Icons of the Tarrasque are usually shown pierced by a harpoon (the placement of which suggestive of Meridian house loyalty or kinship) or wrapped in chain. Images of Axebeaks, ghouls, alchemical glassware, and the oversized swords of God-Butchers are also utilized regularly. The official colors of Salt in Wounds are dark red (for blood), parchment tan (for flesh), and blue-purple (for the notion that every man is a ‘king’ in independent Salt in Wounds.
The official flag of Salt in Wounds is the bowing head of the Tarrasque bleeding from the contact points where a crown of thirteen harpoons pierce it over a blue-bordered white background. The official motto of Salt in Wounds is ‘Bind the Savage, Honor the Deal, Feed the People.’

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