Monday, November 2, 2015

The Circle of Release (Common Knowledge)

This is the commonly held knowledge about the Circle of Release.

The Circle of Release is a group of adventurers & others operating covertly in the City of Salt in Wounds with the stated goal of ending the Tarrasque’s imprisonment. Their reasons for doing so vary depending on the telling, but the most common reason involves restoring the natural balance upset by the current state of affairs.

This cabal is primarily comprised of evangelical druids,

rangers, and their converts. Almost every other power block in the city denounces and actively opposes the Circle of Release; with the House Militias and God-Butchers hunting down, torturing, and executing any individual suspected of belonging to the circle. In addition to acts of intimidation, terror, and economic sabotage for which the group claims credit, much of the populace believes that the destruction of the 12th Meridian Crisis and resultant Tail Stones is the result of an (un)successful plot by the group. There is also a small but vocal minority in the city that believes that the Circle of Release does not actually exist, but is instead used by the Aristocratic Houses and Guilds to terrify the city and thus increase their power and control.

If you are a GM and/or would like to read the secret information concerning the Circle of Release, you can click here.

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