Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Salt in Wounds Mindset

The culture and common mindset of Salt in Wounds is quite unique to the city. As one of (if not the most) populous cities on the planet, Salt in Wounds society is extremely insular and individuals tend to be focused on their own affairs. While traders come from the world over to buy alchemical and magical goods derived from the Tarrasque (and sell to the huge domestic market) the city’s relative isolation ensures that only the most dedicated and skilled visit. Most who travel to the city never leave, and absorbing several waves of emigres (peoples often fleeing famine) has kept Salt in Wounds a polyglot society with individuals at various levels of being ‘naturalized.’
The masses tend to be extremely industrious though with lives that are regularly punctuated by extreme binges of revelatory or even criminal behavior. The aristocracy meanwhile is largely obsessed with their own pleasures of the greater glory of their house at the expense of the city at large. Uniquely, Salt in Wounds tends to be comparatively under-militarized ever since 3rd House Binder-Lord Huzawai turned back the Wyren Siege by threatening to release the Tarrasque – and the city has been largely unmolested by traditional military forces ever since.
The people of Salt in Wounds think and care little for the outside world. With the exception of some luxury goods (most especially spices, intoxicants, and varieties of food) most assume that the Tarrasque will provide for any need (and in this they have historically been proven more right than wrong). This makes important projects like securing possible water difficult to organize for and usually means that Salt in Wounds susceptible to price gouging by organizations like the Water Hauler’s Guild.
The people of Salt in Wounds are inured to pain, death, and mutilation; legal torture, bar fights that maim or even kill, and industrial maiming of workers are all seen as normal (if not desirable) by the majority. Even as mutation plagues sweep through much of the city, most citizens are smugly proud that even the poorest don’t go hungry in the city.

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