Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What is Salt in Wounds?

The City of Salt in Wounds is a living Tabletop RPG setting created by J.M. Perkins.

The City of Salt in Wounds is a blood soaked powerhouse city-state whose economy is built around the perpetual butchery of the regenerating, unkillable Tarrasque.

Original Idea

Back in 2004 on the RPG.net D&Dish forums, user Thomas T. suggested the idea of a city built around the D&D monster the Tarrasque which, for those not in the know, is an nigh-unkillable kaiju leviathan which can regenerate from nearly any wound. 
The basic concept for the city is that, discovering that they were unable to kill the beast, a party of heroes figured out how to contain the monster; chaining and anchoring it with immoveable harpoons. A fortress was built around the chained creature, and a schedule of ritualized butchering was instituted to keep the Tarrasque from ever regaining enough strength that it could break free.
Within a generation, the wardens of the monster began to realize the incredible value of its butchery and that's exactly where I stopped reading the forum thread (after a few entries), not because the posts weren’t great (they were, and judging by the length of the thread there must be gold there) but rather because I wanted to make my Tarrasque city, because my brain was already obsessing & teasing at possibilities, and I wanted to provide as much insulation for that process as possible.

The thread made a composite Tarrasque city and you can view the pdf here.

This website is a sketch for my Tarrasque city: The City of Salt in Wounds.

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